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People and Tech.


The one-stop solution to your hiring needs.

We are a group of recruiters who work remotely from various locations in Europe.

We started this project in the hometown of one of our cofounders near Amsterdam in 2018, and since then, we have expanded our scope and help tech companies to hire the best tech talent across Europe.

For us, is important not only to find the best qualified candidate, but also people who can thrive in your corporate culture, so when working with clients, we make sure that the candidates you get will be in sync with your company values.

While we specialize in technical roles, we can also help you find other roles like HR o Customer Success in the Tech sector.

We work with some of the best Tech companies in Europe

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Simple fees for complex hiring needs.

No upfront payments. No exclusivity. No surprises.
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We charge a flat fee of 12.5% of the first year's salary (base + bonus) for each below Manager level candidate that you hire from us.

For positions at Manager level and above, our fee is 14% of the annual salary (base + bonus).Why so cheap compared to other agencies?

We're a remote team with no offices and no overhead costs. This helps us to transfer all this savings to our clients so you just pay for the services we provide you.If the candidate doesn't fit in your company in the first 3 months, we'll find you another one at no additional cost.

"Rhams wants to be the best recruitment agency in direct hiring.
Our success happens when people find a job that fulfils them and brings them happiness. We believe that skills should be nurtured and you should be stimulated to grow. We're focused on connecting talented individuals to interesting business opportunities."
Juan R.  —  Partner at Rhams
“We have highly skilled Talent Partners that always have a quick solution for your hiring needs.
We can quickly find your next team member, and are extremely adaptable. With Rhams you always get the best value for money, and our clients reach their goals because we know how to hire the right people at the right time.”
Danny R.  —  Partner at Rhams
You scale up. We step in.

Fuel your growth with the helpf of our hiring team.